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About us

Il Caviadino is born from the historic recipe of the Buzzoni's family

Il Caviadino is an online store that offers top quality products

with delivery directly to your home.

My business was founded by the passion and pleasure of giving tasty moments.

From beginning, Il Caviadino has conquered the palates of young and old people.

From breakfast, to snack, to dessert...

Il Caviadino born in Italy, each cookie is carved individually, one by one,

with care, attention and lots of love.

The secret recipe of Aunt Teresa, (sister of great-grandparents), as well as Sister Orsolina,

immediately had a huge success in the mountain village where she lived..

So he continued the tradition by handing down the recipe

from generation to generation, arriving today! 

Gaia's Caviadini land on the Swiss market in 2023.

Always in love with Switzerland, with its magnificent landscapes, with its order, discipline and people...

I moved my life with my biscuits to Switzerland in the canton of Grisons, and then to Ticino.

Hoping to be able to continue to give emotions with my Caviadini.


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